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SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work
SydneyMetroGlass's ShowerScreen Work

Using glass shower screens in the bathroom: Is it any good?


A good shower is necessary, but what’s even more essential is a proper showerscreen, more so, if you have a shower installed but don’t quite like the idea of a shower curtain. Of course, curtains are difficult to clean, look a bit dated and unsightly, and can even cause mould and mildew. Thus, getting a frameless glass showerscreen installed keeps the bathroom splash-free while you shower.


What are shower screens?


As you might have guessed already glass panels are fixed to the wall via some hinge mechanism to keep the bathroom splash-free. Over the years, frameless showerscreens have become the new norm - a minimalist, but viable and effective alternative to the old-fashioned shower curtains.


Types of Sydney Showerscreen


  • Single panel shower Screens

As the name implies, these are made using a single piece of glass. It boasts a fuss-free clean design and doesn’t have lots of nooks and crannies for mold or muck build-up. Such single panel designs offer a minimalistic look and glam up the feel of the bathroom.


  • Double panel Sydney Showerscreen

Double panel shower screens have a hinge in the middle, allowing them to be used in a few different ways. They can even work like shower doors, particularly if the bathroom lacks space or if you want some extra splash protection. Moreover, these tend to be a bit longer, so such panels are particularly great for longer bathrooms.


For those wondering how long a frameless glass showerscreen tends to be, it depends on the bathtub size or the shower's power. These showerscreens are generally measured in mm and come in varied thicknesses and heights. The best part of getting a showerscreen installed is the fact that they can be installed in varied shapes, depending on the design of your bathroom, even if you’ve got something different! The thickness of a normal Sydney showerscreen ranges between 3-8 mm. While the thicker shower screens look a tad more premium and add to the appeal of the bathroom, they tend to be a lot heavier. So, a thinner frameless glass showerscreen may seem flimsier, but it gets the job done and is also notably cheaper than the heavier and thicker options available.

Why are shower screens popular?


Frameless showerscreens are used to stop water from spraying all over the floor. So, if you don’t have a particularly well-designed wet room, shower screens become all the more necessary. Luckily, when you decide on buying a showerscreen, you’d have tons of options at your disposal. So, you can always find the right product that ticks all the boxes and meets your needs.


Whether you have a recessed shower, a rectangular corner shower, or a simple walk-in shower, a glass shower screen is almost an absolute must.


  • Visually appealing

No matter what, frameless showerscreens or a showerscreen, in general, are the most aesthetically pleasing decor option for bathrooms. The fact that they work well with contemporary interior design as well with traditional design elements, is what makes it effective and popular all the more. Frameless glass shower screens complement all kinds of color schemes and bathroom styles. So, no matter what style or design you choose, the showerscreen will always look elegant and make the bathroom look elegant.


  • Easy to clean

No points for guessing this! Glass showerscreens are low-maintenance installations, and so, they look pristine for a very long time. Keeping the glass panels clean is really easy. Use a squeegee to stop the water and soap from staining the glass. This will also lower the build-up of bacteria and mold, and heighten the hygiene in your home.


  • Prevents bathroom puddles

Glass showerscreens are installed to prevent water from spraying all over the bathroom floor when showering. Thus, installing one is the best way of keeping bathroom puddles at bay. It is a notable upgrade over shower curtains, particularly because the latter often fails to prevent water from getting everywhere. In fact, a Sydney showerscreen is your safest bet when you don’t want your bathroom to look like a paddling pool.


  • Versatile

While it is pretty obvious that glass shower screens are quite handy in terms of their application, they’re also quite adaptable in terms of their design. They are available in varied glass options, come in different sizes, and even feature different styles and designs. That is not all! They can be hinged, sliding, or fixed, all configured to suit your needs.


  • Gives an open feel

As a showerscreen is transparent, it gives a spacious feel, thus often preferred by people, to give their bathroom a big feeling. As it doesn’t quite act like a brick wall or a normal partition, it makes the place seem more bright and airy. The same is true even for frosted or opaque frameless showerscreens.


Buying a Sydney showerscreen from us

There are many different types and styles of shower screens available these days, so much so that it often gets difficult for people to find the right kind on their own. This is where we at Sydney Metro Glass come in handy! We have a wide collection of quality shower screens, customized mirrors, Glass partitions, and bath/ shower enclosures available. When it comes to made-to-measure frameless showerscreens in Sydney, there’s no one better! All our glass products are handmade and are available in different sizes, textures, tints, and styles.

Feel free to check out our products. For more info, get in touch with us.

  • What type of shower screens should you opt for?
    At Sydney Metro Glass, we have different types of shower enclosures and frameless showerscreens available. So, it all boils down to your bathroom specifications, budget, and personal preferences. If you have a small bathroom, you should get yourself a fixed glass shower screen. For bigger bathrooms, you can either opt for an inline single swing door or glass panels with swing shower doors.
  • What type of glass is used in frameless glass shower screens?
    Shower screens should be strong for greater longevity and continuous use. Thus, we do not use ordinary glass in our products. Our frameless showerscreens are made up of toughened or tempered glass panels - a strong variant of glass that’s impact-resistant and perfect for heavy-duty.
  • What should be the thickness of a Sydney showerscreen?
    A showerscreen can be of any thickness. It is basically determined on the basis of design specifications and their application or usage. So, framed showerscreens that feature a metal frame, can range between ⅜ inches to ½ inches. On the other hand, frameless glass panels don’t have extra frame support, so have to be ½ inches thick for proper use.
  • Does water leak out from frameless glass shower screens?
    Frameless glass panels lack the metal framing and thus, people believe that they may be unable to hold the water inside, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Frameless glass shower screens are designed according to the measurements of the bathroom. Moreover, we use plastic door seals to prevent water leakage or seepage. So, you can rest assured knowing that our quality shower screens don’t allow water to come pouring out.
  • Are glass showerscreens and shower cubicles worth it?
    The modern glass enclosures may seem like a notable investment up front, but it proves effective in the long run. It has a high visual appeal, is quite functional, and definitely durable. All this makes it a great value-for-money proposition.
  • How long can a Sydney showerscreen last?
    Always settle for a high-quality showerscreen. At Sydney Metro Glass, we offer nothing but the absolute best. Our quality glass enclosures and frameless showerscreens can last decades when maintained properly. So, reach out to us and buy the best shower screens at great competitive rates.
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