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SydneyMetroGlass's Bathroom Wall Mirror
SydneyMetroGlass's Wall Mirror
SydneyMetroGlass's Wall Mirror

Our Mirror Work

SydneyMetroGlass's Gym Mirror
SydneyMetroGlass's Mirror Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Mirror Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Gym Mirror
SydneyMetroGlass's Mirror Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Mirror Collection

Different types and uses of made to measure mirrors


For those looking to come up with something unique for his or home décor, decorative glass and mirrors for wall can be really effective. With the tons of different options available in the form of frosted, sandblasted, painted glass, acid-etched, and even mirrored glass available, it has literally become easy for people to glam things up at their home and commercial space.


Uses of custom mirror glass


While there are myriad applications of made to measure mirrors and custom mirror glass, let us talk about some of the most effective uses of decorative glass.


  • Decorative glass paneling

Glass panels are a great way of heightening the look of your home or office. They add a contemporary and striking effect to your premise. Generally, such panels are used in commercial spaces as unprotected walls face a high level of wear and tear. So, the use of decorative gym mirrors or cheap full length mirror, and decorative glass panels is a great way of boosting the look of the place.

  • Frosted glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are minimalist but are also quite stylish. A painted glass balustrade can be real eye catchy. That said, you can even use frosted glass balustrades to add privacy to a room or even for displaying company logos.

  • Painted glass splashbacks

This is clearly one of the most popular installations in homes and rightfully so. The fact that these are tough, extremely stylish, durable, and safe, makes them apt for practical uses at home and at commercial spaces. The fact that these can be color-matched to your home or store décor, make these attractive all the more.


  • Decorative windows and shop fronts

A sleek and stylish way to glam up the shop front is to use decorative glass. You can even use the same for company branding, such as adding a logo on it. You can even use a large oversized mirror such as a painted or frosted panel. This adds some privacy to the place and also gives it a unique feeling.


  • Shower panels and glass stairs

Very few design schemes look as sleek and dramatic as glass stairs or full-size bathroom wall mirrors. They’re hard-wearing, beautiful, and easy to clean. Moreover, they allow the natural light to flow through the room and building. If you’re worried about privacy, you can even use frosted glass panels or sandblasted panels.


At Sydney Metro Glass, we specialize in all kinds of mirror work. Some of the different types available include:

  • Wall mirrors

  • Gym mirrors

  • Vanity mirrors

  • Yoga studio mirrors

  • Dance studio mirrors

  • Commercial mirrors such as those found in clubs, bars, hotels, lifts, and reception areas


Here’s a detailed idea about it all


  • Wall mirrors for sale

A wall mirror is an integral part of the home décor and comes with a vast range of uses. You can really create some exquisite looks with these, such as gate mirrors that are used to accentuate the beauty quotient of the house. You can also employ them as corridor mirrors, wherein they can seemingly add a sense of depth while improving the lighting conditions. Good wall mirrors for sale can also double up as makeup mirrors and provide an unmatched viewing experience.


  • Gym mirrors

If you are a workout freak and love pushing the limits at the gym, the gym mirror acts as a barometer in your fitness journey. These mirrors serve a myriad of purposes, which includes tracking your progress from day one. They also come in handy in helping us correct our posture or form. These mirrors can also help make the space look larger and brighter than it actually is and helps boost the aesthetic of the place.


  • Vanity mirrors

If you are the kind of person who enjoys getting decked up, then having a good vanity mirror or a large oversized mirror is absolutely crucial for you. These beauties provide a lot of benefits for the user, such as generating a lot of additional light to execute those perfect brushstrokes.


  • Yoga studio mirrors

Yoga and other fitness activities can really improve one’s life in multiple ways, and the role played by a yoga studio mirror in this regard can never be discounted. Such mirrors for wall can help you get your posture spot on while enabling your trainer to help you out whenever necessary. These made to measure mirrors can also act as a motivator and help push you on in your fitness journey and help you achieve a better you.


  • Dance studio mirrors

Be it a prolific dancer or someone who is just starting out, dance studio mirrors are of big help. They can not only help you improve your skills but also acts as a big motivation on your path to greatness. These mirrors can brighten up dimly lit spaces, something that can lift your spirits and send out a positive vibe.


  • Commercial mirrors

Looking to make your office space or the reception area more likable? You just cannot go wrong with a commercial mirror cut to size. These mirrors not only make the space appear larger than it actually is but also brightens things up. Such commercial mirrors are thus widely used as bathroom vanity mirror or bathroom wall mirrors at malls and restaurants.

Our Other Mirrors Collection

We know that you're looking for a mirror that's not only beautiful but also durable, easy to clean, and stand up to the rigors of everyday life. That's why we offer a variety of different options at SydneyMetroGlass.

Our selection includes Shower Screens, Glass Partition, Shopfronts & wide range of Glass Splashbacks! Whether you're looking for a large-scale mirror to show off your favorite piece of art or a small one to fit perfectly in the corner of your room, we have something for everyone.

  • What type of shower screens should you opt for?
    At Sydney Metro Glass, we have different types of shower enclosures and frameless showerscreens available. So, it all boils down to your bathroom specifications, budget, and personal preferences. If you have a small bathroom, you should get yourself a fixed glass shower screen. For bigger bathrooms, you can either opt for an inline single swing door or glass panels with swing shower doors.
  • What type of glass is used in frameless glass shower screens?
    Shower screens should be strong for greater longevity and continuous use. Thus, we do not use ordinary glass in our products. Our frameless showerscreens are made up of toughened or tempered glass panels - a strong variant of glass that’s impact-resistant and perfect for heavy-duty.
  • What should be the thickness of a Sydney showerscreen?
    A showerscreen can be of any thickness. It is basically determined on the basis of design specifications and their application or usage. So, framed showerscreens that feature a metal frame, can range between ⅜ inches to ½ inches. On the other hand, frameless glass panels don’t have extra frame support, so have to be ½ inches thick for proper use.
  • Does water leak out from frameless glass shower screens?
    Frameless glass panels lack the metal framing and thus, people believe that they may be unable to hold the water inside, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Frameless glass shower screens are designed according to the measurements of the bathroom. Moreover, we use plastic door seals to prevent water leakage or seepage. So, you can rest assured knowing that our quality shower screens don’t allow water to come pouring out.
  • Are glass showerscreens and shower cubicles worth it?
    The modern glass enclosures may seem like a notable investment up front, but it proves effective in the long run. It has a high visual appeal, is quite functional, and definitely durable. All this makes it a great value-for-money proposition.
  • How long can a Sydney showerscreen last?
    Always settle for a high-quality showerscreen. At Sydney Metro Glass, we offer nothing but the absolute best. Our quality glass enclosures and frameless showerscreens can last decades when maintained properly. So, reach out to us and buy the best shower screens at great competitive rates.

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