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Glass Splashbacks

SydneyMetroGlass's Kitchen Splashbacks
SydneyMetroGlass's Kitchen Splashbacks
SydneyMetroGlass's Kitchen Splashbacks

Our Glass Splashback Work

SydneyMetroGlass's Glass Splashbacks Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Glass Splashbacks Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Glass Splashbacks Collection
SydneyMetroGlass's Glass Splashbacks Collection

Understanding glass splashbacks: Why you need them?


Until the late 1990s, tiles were the most popular way of protecting walls from grease and splashes of water. However, tiles can prove difficult to clean over prolonged usage. In fact, tiles and grouts tend to discolour over time. That’s when the need for a change was felt!


A glass splashback is a clean glass fitted across a wall, especially in kitchens, to protect it from water and grease. In other words, it’s installed because it’s easy to clean and maintain, and because it protects the walls from excessive heat and condensation.


How is a glass/ mirror splashback made?


Whether you opt for a mirror or a colour glass splashback, all of these are made from toughened glass or tempered glass (as it’s popularly known). Toughened glass is heat-treated for additional strength and thus isn’t prone to breakage as normal glass.


To put it into perspective, tempered glass is usually about five times stronger than normal glass! Moreover, it shatters into tiny blunt fragments rather than shards when smashed. This makes it a better option for use as splashbacks.


Is it possible to cut a kitchen splashback?


Like any glass or mirror material, splashbacks can be cut into as well, though we don’t recommend doing so. Once your saw passes through the toughened glass, the tension within the glass layers will instantaneously resolve thus leading it to shatter. So, we strongly advise against cutting a glass or mirror splashback.


That said, we’d advise you to get in touch with us at Sydney Metro Glass for made-to-measure glass splashbacks, thus allowing you to have the splashback of the right size, eliminating the need for cutting or altering the splashback.


Guide to installing splashbacks at home


Before you decide on installing a kitchen splashback, you’d need to measure up the space available. Call in our experts to accurately record where cupboards, sockets, and switches are placed, so that the splashback can be perfectly installed.


When it comes to installing splashbacks, experts tend to leave a little bit of room for marginal error, as altering the size of the tempered glass isn’t an option.


A mirror or glass splashback can be installed in two ways.


•  Adhesive fitting

•  Screw fitting


Using the first of the two methods is more straightforward, as it requires no holes to be drilled. All it needs is a silicone-based glue, applied to the rear of the splashback. As the process is quite seamless and looks attractive, an increasing number of households prefer the approach over screw fixings.


On the other hand, when you opt for a screw fitting, appropriate holes need to be drilled into the glass before it’s tempered. Moreover, over-tightening the screws can risk damaging the colour glass splashback.


Why should you choose splashbacks?


A glass splashback is an excellent addition to the kitchen, especially because it is sturdy and heat resistant. It reflects light and also gives it a spacious feel. This is all the more evident in the case of a mirror splashback. That is not all! The best part about installing splashbacks is that they can be installed in a day!


Splashbacks are versatile, visually stunning, and quite durable. This is the reason why designers and architects prefer it over tiles.


Here are a few positives of splashbacks.


  • Flexibility in design

Glass splashbacks create room for creativity. They not only add great value to the kitchen or wherever they are fixed, but also leave room for lots of design manipulations. The fact that they can be customized, makes them apt for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial spaces, and even corporate offices.


  • Colours and options

You can get just about any coloured glass splashback you desire! Whether you’re looking for metallic colours or simple solid colours, there are tons to choose from. They thus offer complete design flexibility.


  • Safety and strength

When pitted against tiles or stainless steel options, glass splashbacks prove to be more scratch-resistant and durable. These are hardened for better strength and resistance through repeated intense heating and cooling processes.


  • Heat resistant

As mentioned earlier, splashbacks can withstand a fair amount of heat. So, being near ovens doesn’t affect the mirrored or glass splashbacks at all. So, splashbacks don’t suffer from cracking, warping, discoloration, or blackening.


Why choose Sydney Metro Glass?


As lives become more and more complex for all, people need things that are robust, easy to use, and at the same time, desirable. At Sydney Metro Glass, we offer a variety of Glass Options to choose from, be it Durable Showerscreens, Glass Partitions, or customized Mirrors that are sleek and stylish at the same time are simple to clean and durable. All our products are made to measure, and thus they meet the exact measurements of your kitchen.
Connect with the experts. Give us a try now!

  • What type of shower screens should you opt for?
    At Sydney Metro Glass, we have different types of shower enclosures and frameless showerscreens available. So, it all boils down to your bathroom specifications, budget, and personal preferences. If you have a small bathroom, you should get yourself a fixed glass shower screen. For bigger bathrooms, you can either opt for an inline single swing door or glass panels with swing shower doors.
  • What type of glass is used in frameless glass shower screens?
    Shower screens should be strong for greater longevity and continuous use. Thus, we do not use ordinary glass in our products. Our frameless showerscreens are made up of toughened or tempered glass panels - a strong variant of glass that’s impact-resistant and perfect for heavy-duty.
  • What should be the thickness of a Sydney showerscreen?
    A showerscreen can be of any thickness. It is basically determined on the basis of design specifications and their application or usage. So, framed showerscreens that feature a metal frame, can range between ⅜ inches to ½ inches. On the other hand, frameless glass panels don’t have extra frame support, so have to be ½ inches thick for proper use.
  • Does water leak out from frameless glass shower screens?
    Frameless glass panels lack the metal framing and thus, people believe that they may be unable to hold the water inside, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Frameless glass shower screens are designed according to the measurements of the bathroom. Moreover, we use plastic door seals to prevent water leakage or seepage. So, you can rest assured knowing that our quality shower screens don’t allow water to come pouring out.
  • Are glass showerscreens and shower cubicles worth it?
    The modern glass enclosures may seem like a notable investment up front, but it proves effective in the long run. It has a high visual appeal, is quite functional, and definitely durable. All this makes it a great value-for-money proposition.
  • How long can a Sydney showerscreen last?
    Always settle for a high-quality showerscreen. At Sydney Metro Glass, we offer nothing but the absolute best. Our quality glass enclosures and frameless showerscreens can last decades when maintained properly. So, reach out to us and buy the best shower screens at great competitive rates.

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